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About this collection

This collection contains 5525 pieces of proficient assessed PhD student writing from disciplinary areas of the Arts and Humanities. It is a sub-collection of the PhD thesis abstracts collections in FLAX and is derived from the EThOS Open Access toolkit, which is made available by the British Library for reuse by third parties for not-for-profit purposes. The copyright remains with the authors of the PhD theses unless otherwise stated in the licensing information provided by EThOS.

The PhD Abstracts Collections in FLAX provide interactive open text analysis tools for investigating the lexico-grammar of academic English at the text and corpus level. The user interfaces of these tools have been designed specifically for learners and teachers so that the abstracts in these collections can easily be browsed by specific academic subject areas. Furthermore, the PhD Abstract Collections are augmented with larger corpora, including the British National Corpus and the Wikipedia Collocation Learning System in FLAX, for a more powerful and integrated authentic language learning experience.

EThOS at the British Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification, which organizes library materials by discipline or field of study. The main divisions of the Dewey Decimal Classification system include philosophy, social sciences, science, technology, and history. These main divisions fall within a scheme made up of ten classes, each divided into ten divisions, and each having ten sections. Here with the PhD Abstracts Collections in FLAX, abstracts are directed into one of four overarching discipline divisions to make up the following sub-collections: Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences. This Arts and Humanities sub-collection in FLAX includes abstracts that have been classified into discipline sub-divisions from the 000, 100, 200, 400, 700, 800 and 900 classes of the Dewey Decimal Classification system, specifically:

  • 050 Magazines, journals and serials
  • 060 Associations, organisations and museums
  • 070 News media, journalism and publishing
  • 100 Philosophy and psychology
  • 110 Metaphysics
  • 120 Epistomology
  • 130 Parapsychology and occultism
  • 140 Philosophical schools of thought
  • 150 Psychology
  • 160 Philosophical logic
  • 170 Ethics
  • 180 Ancient, medieval and Eastern philosophy
  • 190 Modern Western philosophy (19th-century, 20th-century)
  • 200 Religion
  • 210 Philosophy and theory of religion
  • 220 The Bible
  • 230 Christianity
  • 240 Christian practice and observance
  • 250 Christian orders and local church
  • 260 Social and ecclesiastical theology
  • 270 History of Christianity
  • 280 Christian denominations
  • 290 Other religions
  • 400 Language
  • 410 Linguistics
  • 420 English and Old English languages
  • 430 German and related languages
  • 440 French and related languages
  • 450 Italian, Romanian, and related languages
  • 460 Spanish, Portuguese, Galician
  • 470 Latin and Italic languages
  • 480 Classical and modern Greek languages
  • 490 Other languages
  • 700 Arts
  • 730 Sculpture, ceramics, and metalwork
  • 740 Graphic arts and decorative arts
  • 750 Painting
  • 760 Printmaking and prints
  • 770 Photography, computer art, film, video
  • 780 Music
  • 790 Sports, games and entertainment
  • 800 Literature, rhetoric and criticism
  • 810 American literature in English
  • 820 English and Old English literatures
  • 830 German and related literatures
  • 840 French and related literatures
  • 850 Italian, Romanian, and related literatures
  • 860 Spanish, Portuguese, Galician literatures
  • 870 Latin and Italic literatures
  • 880 Classical and modern Greek literatures
  • 890 Other literatures
  • 900 History
  • 910 Geography and travel
  • 920 Biography and genealogy
  • 930 History of ancient world (to ca. 499)
  • 940 History of Europe
  • 950 History of Asia
  • 960 History of Africa
  • 970 History of North America
  • 980 History of South America
  • 990 History of other areas

Shaoqun Wu, Alannah Fitzgerald, Ian Witten and Chris Mansfield were recently awarded the runner-up prize in the 2016 British Library Labs Awards for their work with the PhD Abstracts Collections in the Teaching and Learning category for the reuse of digital content managed by the British Library.

Image: Paolozzi's sculpture "Newton" which draws upon William Blake's print Newton. The statue was commissioned for the British Library's new home in St Pancras, London. Licensed under the CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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