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interactive language learning
Age of Globalization MOOC (University of Texas at Austin with edX)

About this collection

This socio-legal English collection is based on the Age of Globalization MOOC lectures (University of Texas at Austin with edX). It enables both native speakers of English and non-native speakers of English to go deeper into the lecture material with content mining technologies, highlighting key terms and concepts from the study of globalization through interactive learning designs.

The search function will help you locate where in the lectures Dr. Hoberman has talked about specific points in relation to your quizzes. The wikify function will gloss key information in the lectures and link in related resources to help you with your studies.

Please take a look at our 3 quick training videos below to guide you around the Age of Globalization MOOC Collection in FLAX.

We also have a short survey for collecting user feedback on the FLAX Age of Globalization collection to help us improve our learning and software designs. We are offering a prize of a $100 Amazon gift voucher for participating in the survey. Be in to win! Thank you.

This collaboration for the development of socio-legal English language resources is between FLAX and the Open Educational Resources Research Hub.

Image: "1901 Eastern Telegraph cables" by Unknown - A.B.C. Telegraphic Code 5th Edition, via Atlantic-cable. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.