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interactive language learning
FLAX (Flexible Language Acquisition) aims to automate the production and delivery of interactive digital language collections. Simple interfaces, designed for learners and teachers, are combined with powerful language analysis tools. Exercise material comes from digital libraries for a virtually endless supply of authentic language learning in context.(All software produced by this project is open source, issued under the GNU General Public License.)

The FLAX team have released ten new mobile apps for Android which are free to download from GooglePlay. These game-based apps are a fun way to interact with the language collections in FLAX. Give them a go!

    • FLAX Resource Collections

      These powerful collections draw on large reference corpora like the British National Corpus (BNC) and even larger datasets from Google and Wikipedia. More powerful than a dictionary, these collections show numerous examples of language in context for some of the most challenging areas of English language learning - collocations and phrases - where there are literally hundreds of thousands of possibilities for combining words.

    • Learning Collocations