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interactive language learning
English Common Law MOOC (University of London with Coursera)

Language activities
  • 1. Word Guessing exercises create an exercise Android app

    Students enter words in the gaps, based on the context within a given article, individually or collaboratively.

    This activity helps improve your vocabulary and sentence structure and your communication skills.

    Type: Individual or Group collaboration

    Instructions: Click on the gap and type in a word. Click on the light bulb icon (if any) for help.

  • 2. Completing Collocations exercises create an exercise Android app

    Learners enter words in the blanks to complete accurate multi-word combinations, also known as collocations.

    This activity helps to improve your understanding of how native speakers and writers of the language you are studying combine words, also known as collocations.

    Type: Individual

    Instructions: Enter the missing words into the blanks.

  • 3. Scrambled Sentences exercises create an exercise Android app

    The words of sentences are scrambled and students must sort them into their original order.

    This activity helps you study sentence structure by providing you with genuine text and allowing you to select suitable materials to practice on.

    Type: Individual

    Instructions: Put the bold words in the correct order by drag-drop them into the correct position.

  • 4. Related Words exercises create an exercise Android app

    Two or three related words are presented in groups to learners to choose the correct word to complete collocations. For example:

    pay make

    _____ bill, _____ effort,_____ debt, ____ difference

    This activity helps you to distinguish how related words are used and combined (collocated) by native speakers and writers of English in the BNC corpus of 100 million words.

    Type: Individual

    Instructions: Drag and drop each related word into their correct (collocational) positions to make complete phrases. Click on the ‘Check Answer’ button at any time during the activity to see which related words have been correctly made into collocations.

  • 5. Collocation Guessing exercises create an exercise Android app

    In this game-based activity words and phrases with a missing blank will appear on the screen and start moving downwards while learners enter guessed words to try and complete the collocations before they reach the bottom of the screen. Here is an example of the types of moving target words and phrases: plain -----, dark -----, white -----, bitter -----, milk -----, bar of -----. Learners must guess one keyword that collocates with all of them (The answer is obvious to chocoholics).

    This fun activity helps you to interact with a wide range of collocations in English using the same keywords and is populated by the BNC corpus of 100 million words.

    Type: Individual

    Instructions: Select the ‘Start Question’ button to begin the collocations guessing game. As words and phrases with blanks start moving down your screen enter words into the ‘Guessed Word’ box to try and complete the collocations. When you have entered the correct word the collocations will stop moving down your screen and a ‘Show Remaining Collocations’ button will appear for you to learn more collocations using the same word in context from the BNC.