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interactive language learning
About this collection

The PhD thesis abstracts in this collection have been provided by the EThOS (E-theses Online Service) Open Access initiative at the British Library with permission from participating UK higher education institutions (Universities of Birmingham, Edinburgh and Leicester). The copyright remains with the authors of the PhD theses unless otherwise stated in the licensing information provided by EThOS.

This FLAX collection has been developed with Chris Mansfield at the Language Centre at Queen Mary University of London for non-commercial educational and research purposes. FLAX employs interactive learning designs and content mining technologies, highlighting key terms and concepts from the different areas of the Social Sciences found within this collection.

The Social Sciences PhD thesis abstracts in this collection have been selected for reuse with our free game-based language learning activities which can be accessed via the FLAX website or through the FLAX team apps for Android which can be downloaded via Google Play. For the Android FLAX apps, you will need to go into the Advanced Options and download the specific Social Sciences PhD EThOS abstracts dataset of exercises via the apps. These game-based apps are a fun way to interact with this PhD thesis abstract collection in FLAX so you can learn and revise while on the move. The relevant apps for the Social Sciences PhD EThOS abstracts are:

We also have a short survey for collecting user feedback on the FLAX Social Sciences EThOS abstract collection to help us improve our learning and software designs. We thank you for your participation.

British Library gate by Man vyi. [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons.