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interactive language learning

How was your first month in New Zealand? Many people are very happy in their first month in New Zealand.

They are very excited. They are happy about the good things in New Zealand. They like the clean air and the green country. They like the freedom and the safety.

But after a few months some people are sad. They miss their own country. They miss their family and their culture. The language is hard. They want to speak in their own language. It is difficult to save money. Everything is expensive. The culture is different here. Life is hard.

What can you do? You can make friends with the people from your country who came here before you. They will help you. You can go to a class and make friends with other newcomers. It is better when you have friends.

If you are very sad all the time and you need to talk to someone, you can get help from these places:

If you are a refugee, Refugees as Survivors (RAS) can help you. The number is in the phone book. You can talk to them about your problems and they will help you with your mental health.

If you are Chinese and live in Auckland you can ring the Chinese Line of Lifeline and talk in Mandarin about your problems. Look in the phone book under Lifeline and then Chinese Line.

If you are a student at a polytechnic or university there is usually a counsellor. You can talk to the counsellor about your problems.

So don't continue to be sad. Get help. It will be better when you talk to someone.

How do you feel?

Fill in the gaps with a 'feeling' word from the box:

sad angry hungry tired cold worried hot sick thirsty happy

  • My friend died last week. I feel ________
  • It’s the middle of winter. I have no heater. I feel __________
  • I ate some bad mushrooms last night. I feel __________
  • Someone has taken my money. I feel __________
  • I have no food. I feel__________
  • I worked very hard today. I feel __________
  • I need to drink. I feel__________
  • I am __________ I am going for a swim.
  • I haven't got enough money this week. I am __________
  • I've just won lotto. I feel very__________

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