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interactive language learning

Do you have a hobby? Some people like to go swimming or grow flowers and vegetables in a garden or play cards.

Some people like to go to a library and read books and magazines, or watch TV, or listen to music. What is your hobby? What do you like to do in your spare time?

Jim's hobby is beekeeping. He is a beekeeper. He looks after bees to get honey. Jim has a beehive in his garden. It is near his house. The beehive has four white boxes. Each box has a floor and a roof. It looks like a very, very small house with no windows. Bees live in a beehive.

Each beehive has only one queen bee but there may be 60,000 bees in one beehive. The queen bee is always busy. She is bigger than the worker bees and she can lay over 2,000 eggs every day. These eggs will be new bees. The new baby bees work inside the beehive for 20 days and then they become worker bees.

Every day, unless the weather is very wet, the worker bees fly away and get nectar and pollen from flowers. They carry the nectar back to the beehive in their stomachs and they carry the pollen on their legs. The bees make the nectar into honey. They put the honey into frames of beeswax in the beehive.

Jim works hard to get a lot of honey from his beehive in summer He wears special clothes when he works with his bees. He keeps his body covered, especially his face. He often uses smoke to control the bees. Sometimes a bee stings him, but the lovely honey is worth some bee stings -- don't you think?


  • bees -- small black and yellow insects that can fly, and make honey
  • nectar -- sweet water in flowers, used by bees to make honey
  • pollen -- yellow powder in flowers, used to make more flowers
  • beeswax -- oil that is solid and yellow and is made by bees
  • smoke -- when something is on fire, smoke comes out
  • stings -- if a bee stings you, you feel a sharp pain in your skin

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